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10 Common Myths About Website Design

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Web design and designers have been around for a long time now. Ever since the first web page went online, designers have worked on making it more acceptable for audiences.

As popular as web design concepts are, several myths are around which are just not true. Here’s a look at a few of them.

1.Looks Are Everything for A Website

Perhaps one of the most popular misconceptions is that web design is all about visuals.

This might have been true earlier when the internet was still in its infancy. But today, web design is not just about colors and images.

Designers need to focus on functional aspects of the website as well. This includes navigation, information flow, and content layout, among other things.

A good-looking website today means not just the visuals. It also needs to perform well and satisfy user expectations for usability.

2.You Need to Like Your Website

Another widespread myth is that you need to like the website you design. Again, this is not true at all.

If you aren’t a professional web designer, there are chances that you might have inaccurate expectations.

The web design niche is always growing – meaning things are changing quicker than you realize.

You might have ideas that you think might be good for your website.

For example, let’s say you’re an attorney and prefer bright pastel shades.

Designing a website along those lines can be less than optimal. You won’t have enough traffic because clients have different expectations.

3.Creating Sales Aligned Websites

The ultimate goal of any website is to sell an idea. But how you go about doing that matters too.

Hard selling on any page can turn people off. This is especially true when you consider how much more demanding people are today.

A website that solely focuses on sales leaving out important elements like navigation and usability, is bound to fail.

You need to include the user as part of your design philosophy. Their tastes have changed over the years.

The key is to create website experiences that guide users and not push them.

4. Social Media Buttons Are Not Needed

There was a time when social media was in its infancy, and search outperformed it in every way.

There was no reason to have social share buttons because social media just didn’t do well.

But today, there are over three billion people on social media.

This is a good cause to have social share buttons on your website.

5. Content Is Not Required for Design

People have preconceived notions about how content is not needed for web design. This couldn’t be farther away from the trust.

Like we mentioned before, web design is a more cohesive experience today. The designers need to meld text and design to create an impressive-looking website.

Content is the basic foundation on which good web design is built. Today, winning design is a sum of all parts, and that includes proper content strategy.

High-quality content also helps pages rank much more effectively. This is because search engine algorithms prioritize content over other ranking parameters.

6. Website Updates Are Unnecessary

Clients believe that you don’t need to focus on tracking trends once you have a website up and running.

Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. Website design is one of the most dynamic niches in the world.

There are frequent changes to design methodologies, and it causes shifts in the landscape.

The website designer needs to get ahead of this by keeping a client’s site updated. This ensures that they hold their website metrics well and maintain ranking on searches.

7.Websites Don’t Need Mobile Optimization

Businesses put a lot of effort into their website. But they hardly focus on getting it mobile optimized.

This is a huge drawback as there is a shift of traffic numbers away from computers to mobile phones today.

It might surprise you to read that mobile traffic has overtaken other sources online. Today, over 505 of all web traffic comes from mobile devices.

This means that you need to optimize your website for mobile. As a business, you need to ensure proper readability on mobile devices as well.

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