5 ways to grow your social media presence

5 Ways to Grow your Social Media Presence

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Social media can be a great boon for businesses looking to build their brand, increase customer engagement and drive sales. A targeted approach is key in order to maximize your social reach—but it’s not always easy knowing where exactly to start. 


As digital marketers, we know how difficult crafting the perfect social strategy can be, so here are 5 of our top tips for creating an effective presence across all platforms: 


1) Engage authentically by responding promptly

Social media is all about authentic engagement with real people. Make sure you take time out each day/week (depending on how big your online community has already grown) to personally respond back when someone interacts with one or more of your marketing posts & messages. 


Genuine responses will not only show existing followers that there is somebody ‘at the helm’ but also help establish relationships for potential return visits This can yield growth rates over prolonged usage!  


2) Leverage strategic collaboration opportunities

Collaborative content showcasing influencers-related products or sponsored campaigns are great ways to gain additional visibility across different platforms, generally yielding higher followings.


Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly popular as companies look for innovative strategies that deliver real results. Working with relevant industry figures who have already built large followings opens up vast new audiences, often far greater than those you could build organically through content alone.


Reach out directly or via a third-party agency and offer something of value, such as discounts, free products, or services to create mutually beneficial partnerships which get your brand seen by thousands, even millions of loyal followers, within days if not weeks! 


3) Create quality content

Quality always matters when looking at organic growth. Creating consistent, shareable material leads people back time after time, helping establish trustworthiness between user & client/customers (not forgetting works wonders SEO-wise!). 


  • Good meme humor? Memes work great!
  • InfoGraphics – Information based graphics that help inform your audience.
  • Tips and Tricks – Everyone is looking for life hacks, so why not use your expertise to add value to others?

4) Optimize profiles for searchability

In order to optimize a social media profile you’ll want to use keywords that connect with your customers or clients. Your keywords should always reflect those used within industry-related searches so use words or phrases related to your business type, products/services offered as well as geographic locations you service. 


Keep track of which ones work best by using analytics tools like Google Analytics, where you can also see how people landed on specific pages from particularly promising keyword string searches they did. 


5) Invest in Paid Ads

Paid advertising can help create an engaged community and drive more traffic back to your websites or online stores, leading to increased sales through direct action-taking activities such as making a purchase. 


By paying for ads on the right platforms, businesses have access to millions of potential customers who may never have heard about their product before, allowing them greater reach with less effort. Using this method requires that entrepreneurs be strategic in choosing where they want their ad campaigns to run, like Instagram or Facebook. 


Paid ads not only help pinpoint consumers interested in buying but also allow comparison shopping within similar competing products without it appearing “too promotional.” Paid ads help with brand awareness and may drive a larger social media follow for your platform. 



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