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What is missing from your website

What is missing from your website?

Using a website to represent your business with quality, generate leads, and develop meaningful relationships with customers is essential for businesses of all sizes.  While the design, content, user experience, and strategies used should be custom tailored to each particular business needs, there are some fundamental elements every site must have for it to qualify …

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Email marketing what every business should know

Email Marketing: What Every Business Should Know

Email marketing is one of the most powerful digital tools available to businesses. According to a survey conducted by Statista, 78% of marketers consider email their primary source for driving ROI and leads in 2020.  To maximize its effectiveness as an outreach tool, it’s important that businesses practice efficient strategies when sending emails out – …

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Yearly checklist

Yearly Website Check List – Don’t Build it and Forget

Your business or organization is always changing and growing – make sure your website is keeping up!  Here is a quick checklist you can use to make sure visitors to your website can find what they need, have a good experience and that you make a great first impression. Reread your website content – Check for …

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Registering Your Domain

When you create a website, there are 2 pieces involved – your domain and your host. These are very separate entities but they MUST work together for your website to be successful. Your domain name is the identifier of your website where the host of your website is basically where your website lives.

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Google Analytics – Granting Access

Your website is the hub for all your digital activity and any information found across the internet will most likely lead to your website. Not to mention these days you need to have a website to qualify as a legitimate and trusted company. But how do you know if people are visiting your website? And when they are there, how do you know what they are looking at and where are they spending their time? And how much time do they spend there? The easiest way to answer these questions is to use Google Analytics.