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5 Easy Ways to Keep Site Content Fresh

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  1.  Highlight your clients – Keep content fresh and interesting by writing features and success stories about your clients.  If your clients are businesses you can talk about current initiatives and projects they are involved in.  If you work with individuals – share their stories…  tell the world about the successes they have had and the strides they are making toward reaching their goals.  Check out TS2Coaching’s featured athletes for a great example of this approach in action.
  2. Share YOUR news –  Your posts don’t have to be long to play a key role in keeping your content fresh and your site up to date.  News shorts can talk about anything including new clients you are working with or new additions to your team. You can also post updates on projects and initiatives you are working on.  One of my clients, Doodle Country Mini Goldendoodles keeps their content fresh – and their site showing up on the first page of search engines –  by posting about upcoming litters, new puppies, puppy pick days and all of the action at the farm.
  3. Create Project Portfolios –   Is your business project based?  Do you build houses, create beautiful landscapes, develop real estate, improve supply chains for warehouses or write grants?  Almost any project lends itself well to this type of content creation.  This is an opportunity to walk your visitors through a project from start to finish.. it also provides plenty of opportunities to sprinkle in those all important target search terms.
  4. Create or Update an FAQ page –  Use the FAQ page to answer questions about your business.  If you find yourself sending the same email response to customer after customer… you have a new FAQ entry.   Don’t be afraid to add an entry to the FAQ page, even if you feel it has already been covered elsewhere on your site, it is perfectly OK to cover the same material in several different ways on a single web site.
  5. Review Products – Even if you don’t run an  ECommerce site, reviewing products or tools of the trade that are relevant to your visitors is a great way to use target search terms and keep content interesting.

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