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Importance of Professional Website Design for Business

1. It Helps with SEO

There are various reasons for you to not only have a website but to have a fully functional and attractive site for your business. Website designing plays a significant role in determining the success of your online marketing strategies. The first reason to get your website designed by experienced professionals is to optimize the site for search engines.

Do you know that there are more than 89,000 search requests on Google every second? If Google does not index your website, you are missing out on a huge chunk of visitors and prospective leads. Web designing is a part of on-page SEO and technical SEO.

2. Your Website Creates the First Impression

One look at your website is all it takes for a user to form an impression about your business. What happens if your website doesn’t grab people’s attention or ends up annoying them? People aren’t likely to place an order or even contact you to know more. Your business website shouldn’t look like an amateur’s artwork.

Web designing focuses on emphasizing the key values of your brand and highlights your strengths. Your website will be a reflection of all that’s good about your business. It will help you create a positive impression on the visitors and provide you with the opportunity to generate more sales.

3. Helps Build Brand Awareness and Trust

When people have to shell out money to buy a product, they are usually more careful about the brand. Imagine a prospective client visiting your website that was last updated three years ago. Do you think the person will risk placing an order on the site?

And what if there is no option for online purchases? Won’t you be missing out on business opportunities? Web designing ensures that your site is up to date and has the latest details. It lets you build a reliable brand image for your business and earn the trust of your prospective customers.

4. Improves the Usability of the Website

Visitors should quickly find the information they are looking for on your website, whether it is the web version or the mobile version. In fact, the percentage of mobile phone searches and mCommerce is increasing every year. Deloitte has predicted that 75% of the online sales and purchases would be through mobile phones.

The about page and the contact us page are two primary web pages that get the most traffic. Users tend to check the background information of the business before placing an order. If these two pages are not found, your visitors will most probably go to your competitors for business.

5. Increases Website Loading Speed

Increasing the loading speed is also a part of web designing. The faster the page loads, the better it will be for your business. In the era of 4G internet connection and high-speed broadband networks, people don’t like to sit and wait as the website loads bit by bit.

ContentSquare found that if the site loading speed is reduced by 20%, you will lose 20% of your visitors. It could lead to losses, and the only way to not let it happen is to get the website properly designed and improve the loading speed. The ideal website loading speed is around 3 seconds or less.

6. Enhances User Experience and Customer Satisfaction

The website navigation should be easy for the visitors so that they can move between the web pages and gather the information they want to. The layout and the structuring should be designed for user convenience. Also, the website design should cater to your target audiences.

Whether it is the color scheme, content, images, and videos, or the chat option, the focus should be on keeping things simpler and easier for the customers. When visitors feel happy after checking our site, they will want to return and give your business a chance. Retain the users’ interest from the moment they open your website.

7. Reduces Bounce Rates and Increases Conversions

What is a bounce rate? When a visitor checks a webpage and leaves the site, it means that they are not interested enough to stay back and know more about your business. They bounce from one site to another. A higher bounce rate denotes that your website is in dire need of a new design.

Website designing reduces bounce rates. It also lets users spend more time on the site, thereby urging them to place an order or buy a product. This increases the conversion rate and enables you to convert more visitors into customers of the business.

8. Stay Ahead of Your Competitors or Follow Them

No business exists in isolation in the market. Competitors surround you. Some would be doing better than you. Some would be at your levels, and others who are struggling worse than your business.

Web designing gives you the much-required edge to move ahead of your peers. It even lets you take over the better-performing competitors. Understand how the industry leaders are using website designing to attract more visitors.

Give it your own spin and get creative with your business website. Contact a well-known website designing company from areas around Indianapolis to provide you with the best tailor-made solution to redesign your website and increase your sales.

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