This month we are happy to bring you a review of a newer platform to us that we cannot say enough good about. Loom is a cloud-based video, screenshot, casting program all in one with so many capabilities!

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Have you ever had to give directions multiple times because the person on the receiving end doesn’t understand? Then you show them how to do it and right away it clicks? Loom is the answer for efficiently transmitting information from one person to another.

Loom has several amazing features that make it an excellent platform. One of these is storage. Many video platforms store videos on your computer, which takes up space. However, Loom stores its videos on a cloud-based server meaning you can access the videos at any time from any location. Unless you sign up for the paid version, your videos are only available for a period of time and then are automatically deleted, but if you spend the money, you can have a cloud-based video storage unit.

Another amazing feature is the ability to share your screen and video or just video or just screen. This allows you to give a lecture, teach a concept, or just send a message easily. If you aren’t feeling like sharing your video, you can turn that off and just share your screen.

Possibly the most amazing feature of Loom is that it is free! The free version provides up to 25 creators, up to 100 videos & screenshots, and up to 5 minutes recording length. It also allows you to trim the video and provides GIF thumbnails for easy sharing. The way you protect your videos is Loom’s share feature – you can only view a video if you are sent the link for the video. So you don’t have to worry about videos being passed around across the internet.

The paid business feature allows up to 100 creator accounts (though each account costs $10) and offers several upgrades like more videos and screenshots being saved and long video recording length. You also get a drawing tool, can set custom recording dimensions, set do not disturb, and set custom branding. While the free version offers basic viewer insights, the paid business version offers engagement insights, which helps you know what parts viewers did and did not like so you know how to change tactics to better engage potential clients. Probably one of the best features is that you can password-protect videos. This helps add a layer of security the free version doesn’t offer.

There is an enterprise version that has a few more features, the best being more customization and support, but of course, you have to contact them for pricing.

Once the COVID pandemic started, Loom saw the opportunity to help teachers and created an education version. This version has to be verified through the individual’s school but allows all the features of a free Zoom account and the basic version is free.

What makes Loom even more accessible is that it is an add-on to your browser. That way, you don’t have to open another program or take up storage space on your own computer. It also sits there as a reminder of its availability so you use it more.

To learn more about Loom or sign up today, go to

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