Foundation Site F.A.Q.’s

We will design & develop a professional, vibrant, accessible & fully responsive website for you that includes the following deliverables, features & functionality; including, but not limited to, the following pages:

  1. Home Page
  2. “Resource Center” – This is the where we would add the weekly/bi-weekly/monthly posts to keep your site fresh.
  3. About
  4. Services
  5. Your Choice
  6. Contact Information page with an interactive map, address, phone # and contact for


  • Apply an SSL certificate (HTTPS)  (included the 1st year, $99 a year after that)
  •  Content Management System and training
  • Google Analytics  dashboard.
  • Make sure all of the content (copy & images) is responsive. Statistically, over 50% of your visitors will be accessing your site using a tablet or smartphone so we want to make sure the content is displaying well on those devices.

This bid includes all web site design and development as described above, basic graphic design, stock images, themes & licenses.  Monthly Maintenance will begin one month after site completion and acceptance.   This bid includes your SSL certificate for the first year.

After your site is completed, you’ll need to select an option for Hosting and Maintenance.  This is an important service that keeps your site’s ‘guts’ up to date and reduces the risk of security issues.

This is how we will get new site up and running:

Step 1: Receive approved proposal & deposit

Step 2: Create test instance of your site

Step 3: Complete site design & development

Step 4: Present web site for approval

Step 5: Make any requested changes

Step 6: Finalize website. Receive payment

Step 7:  Initiate hosting & maintenance 

That’s great!  The Foundation Site is meant to be a great ‘brochure’ or ‘informational’ site.  If you need to share more information about your business we can do that!  Give us a call and we’ll make an appointment to sit down, chat about your business and brainstorm some ideas to make your internet presence great!

We’re charming and sweet, plus we really love our customers.   We care about the success of your business and do everything we can to provide great service.  You’re never ‘just a number’ at Circle City Web Design ~ you are part of the family!

The Foundation Site is meant to be a great ‘brochure’ or ‘informational’ site.  If you are looking for an ECommerce solution,We can help with that as well.   Give us a call and we’ll make an appointment to sit down, chat about your business.  Then we’ll put together a proposal for your approval.

If you’re ready to get rolling simply complete the form below.   Your $200 deposit put YOU on our development schedule.  We’ll call you within 1 business day (or right away =) ) to set up some time to talk about your business and your goals.  Then we will get to work!

Foundation Websites are usually ready for you to review within 10 business days of your scheduled start date. If we can get done sooner we will always do that.   We will call you to let you know when our next available start date is ~ you can take that date or schedule out further into the calendar if that’s better for you.  If we are scheduled out several weeks and you need your site start date to be earlier we will accommodate you if at all possible.

After the site is completed and you are happy with the result, we’ll send you an invoice for your balance.

Get started today – use this form to reserve your spot on our development schedule
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