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Tech Tip Tuesday – Printer Friendly & PDF

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Hey Friends… I’ve decided to start something NEW — Circle City Web Design’s Tech Tip Tuesday!! I’ll use this time to share a great Tech Tool or Tech Tip that you can use to increase YOUR footprint on the web or make your life a little easier.
If you are a Chrome user, you’ll love this one.  Ever been to a web site and wanted to print the page you are on – but when you right mouse click to print it somewhere around 20 pages of ink-wasting pictures, advertisements and navigation links pop up?
Today’s TOOL is “Printer Friendly & PDF” it is a Chrome add-on that creates GREAT printer friendly pages of any web site.
To install – just visit the Chrome Extensions App Store, type “Printer Friendly & PDF”
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Click on “Add to Chrome”
You’ll see a little green printer in your browser bar… the next time you want to print a web page you can click on it to Print, Save as PDF or even Email the cool web content you just found!!!
Speaking for Google… remember to change your passwords often.  Here are some tips for creating passwords that are hard to hack but easy to remember.

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