Hey Friends… I’ve decided to start something NEW — Circle City Web Design’s Tech Tip Tuesday!! I’ll use this time to share a great Tech Tool or Tech Tip that you can use to increase YOUR footprint on the web or make your life a little easier.
If you are a Chrome user, you’ll love this one.  Ever been to a web site and wanted to print the page you are on – but when you right mouse click to print it somewhere around 20 pages of ink-wasting pictures, advertisements and navigation links pop up?
Today’s TOOL is “Printer Friendly & PDF” it is a Chrome add-on that creates GREAT printer friendly pages of any web site.
To install – just visit the Chrome Extensions App Store, type “Printer Friendly & PDF”
Click on “Add to Chrome”
You’ll see a little green printer in your browser bar… the next time you want to print a web page you can click on it to Print, Save as PDF or even Email the cool web content you just found!!!