Ever need to create a password on a site with “cutting edge” security in place?  The sort of password that needs its own instruction manual.  You will be required to use letters and numbers, at least 1 capital letter, 3 numbers, a special symbol but not a #, retinal scan, 10 or more characters – an arbitrary list of conditions that guarantees the creation of a password that you will never remember.  Well… here’s an option – a brilliant option that works almost every time.  A fantastic solution that creates a secure password that you can remember.  Start out by grabbing a happy memory and turning it into a sentence.  “Noah was born in 1910!”  (ok.. it wasn’t 1910 and the memory doesn’t have to be happy – just memorable, be as creative as you want).  The next, and last, step is to say the sentence as you type just the first letter of each word into the password field…  “nwbi1910!”  (don’t forget the punctuation!)

There you have it – a crazy hard, super secure password that’s easy to remember!