Top 7 Web Development Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss

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Being a business owner or a developer, you know that scaling a business online is paramount for finding success today. Read on to discover the top seven web development tips to provide exceptional user experience and gain traffic.

By following these tips, you have a chance to stand out amongst billions of web applications.

1.    Leverage Artificial Intelligence

Many areas of web development use artificial intelligence (AI). For example, developers use AI to enhance user experience (UX). They also use it to determine how a visitor interacts with a website. Apart from that, e-commerce websites use AI in voice search and chatbots. This works wonders to streamline user interaction with the brand.

Today, there’s hardly a website that doesn’t have chatbots.

  • You can build AI-powered chatbots using platforms like HubSpot chatbot builder and WotNot
  • Include speech recognition features in your web applications

2.    Ensure Mobile-friendly Development

Check out these statistics:

If it’s not mobile-friendly, people will leave your site. As per the Google Page Experience Update, mobile-friendliness is a crucial ranking factor.

  • Adopt a mobile-first strategy. It prioritizes application development for mobile-first and then desktop.
  • Resize text and graphics to fit smaller screens

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3.    Offer Dark Mode

A case study involving Terra blew minds in 2021. They are a renowned media company in Brazil. By incorporating dark mode, Terra achieved a 170% increase in page view per session and a 60% reduction in bounce rates.

Here’s why:

  • The dark mode is visually pleasing
  • It does not strain the eyes, especially when viewed at night
  • Unlike blue light, it doesn’t affect the sleep cycle and duration

Many apps, including WhatsApp and Facebook, are now available in dark mode. Developers must, therefore, include this feature in apps and sites.

4.    Build Virtual Reality Experience

To understand the importance of virtual reality (VR) in web development, let’s take an example. Google top real estate search websites. Almost all of them offer virtual tours of the listed properties.

According to, properties on MLS listings enjoy 87% more views than others when sold using virtual tours. For example, if you run a property management business in Indianapolis, you can incorporate VR on your site.

  • VR is also beneficial for retail, architecture, and tourism sites/apps
  • Use VR development tools like A-Frame and Daydream

5.    Switch to Serverless Architecture

Traditional server-based architecture is plagued with issues, such as:

  • Downtime
  • Site outages
  • A total crash

Say you are a small business owner in Indianapolis, site downtime or a crash is the complete opposite of what you want. The solution to this problem is serverless architecture; a market projected to observe a double-digit CAGR at 22.7% (2020-2025).

It’s a cloud computing technology using which developers can perform their jobs without worrying about the server.

And these are the major providers:

6.    Enhance Website Navigation

According to a HubSpot survey, about 73% of web designers confirmed that most visitors abandon a site if the design is poor. Amongst other factors, substandard navigation was found to be a major culprit. A developer should make the site as easy-to-navigate as possible to improve UX.

You may have the best content on your site. But if the visitor is facing difficulty to find the information they want, poor navigation is to blame.

To improve website navigation:

  • Create a sitemap
  • Avoid clutter
  • Stay consistent with the navigation interface

7.     Strengthen Site Security

According to Cloudflare, the DDoS (denial of service) attacks doubled every four months in 2020. This resulted in huge downtimes for the affected websites. This, in turn, led to revenue loss. Undoubtedly, strengthening cybersecurity is the most crucial web development tip in 2022.

More businesses are expected to go online this year. This makes cybersecurity a priority for web developers and business owners alike.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Conduct a security audit of your site/app
  • Ensure encryption of data
  • Implement two-factor authentication

Key Takeaways

Listed below are the key takeaways from this article:

  • Incorporate AI in web development using chatbots, voice search
  • Make your websites mobile-friendly
  • Include the dark mode option
  • Develop and provide VR experience
  • Adopt serverless architecture to reduce development costs
  • Improve site navigation for visitors
  • Ramp-up your site security

Follow these web development tips to outshine your competitors in 2022.

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