ADA Compliant Websites

What Does it Mean for a Website to be ADA Compliant?

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The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) was established so that physical buildings of business do not discriminate against individuals with disabilities.  Did you know that this can apply to websites, too?

In short, ADA compliance for your website means taking those concepts and applying them in a virtual world.  The ever-increasing reliance on technology has opened up new importance on ensuring that your business website is as much ADA compliant as a physical location.  

How do you ensure your website is ADA compliant?  

According to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, a website should be: 

  • Perceivable: Web content is made available to the senses – sight, hearing, and/or touch
  • Operable: This category focuses on ensuring a website functions in a way that does not create problems for users
  • Understandable: Content and interface are understandable. Ensures that web pages feature logical functionality and language
  • Robust: The site should work in all environments and is compatible with current assistive technology

Having an ADA-compliant website is a huge benefit for not only those with disabilities but for all users.  Making your web pages easier to understand and comprehend will allow all visitors to find what they are looking for more quickly.  Not only will you increase value to your users, but you will also reduce your legal risk, increase your market reach and sell more products.

Let us know if you need help with ADA compliance for your website.

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