What Every Website Needs A Free Checklist

What every website needs: A Free Checklist

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Health checkups are essential. 


We go to the doctor every year.

We produce yearly financial audits. 

We even visit the dentist twice a year.


When was the last time our website received a checkup? 


Perhaps auditing your website isn’t something you’ve considered. Use this post as a helpful website checklist to optimize your website for maximum traffic and lead generation.

What every website needs a free checklist

What is a website audit?

A website audit examines a website to determine if it is optimized to achieve its traffic goals. It can help identify areas where improvements can be made to increase traffic and conversions.

How will a website audit help me?

A website audit will help in several ways, from website performance and optimizing your search engine results to your marketing message.

Every website needs four essential components:

  • A One-Liner

Does your website have a oneliner? A one-liner is a sentence (or two) you use whenever somebody asks you what you do. 


Think elevator pitch. 

A one-liner has three parts: A Problem, A Solution/Product, and a Result. 

Example: Most businesses waste valuable time and money creating websites that don’t create leads. Circle City Web Design helps companies create and maintain websites so their marketing works and their leads increase. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself: 

  1. What main problem do I solve for my ideal customer?
  2. What Solution/Product do I offer?
  3. What happens as a result of my customer purchasing my solution/product?


A one-liner helps clarify your message and connect with your customers, but you’ll also need… 

  • A Story-Framed Website

Your website is a tool that should draw customers into a relationship with you and invite them into a better story that solves their problems. By purchasing your solution or product, their story succeeds and avoids disaster. 


  • HEADER: The top part of your website should have a small amount of text. 


It should reveal the following: 

  • What you offer
  • How what you offer will make their lives better
  • What do your customers need to do to buy it, “A Call to Action.” 


  • LOSS-AVERSION: After the header, remind people of the problems and pain points you solve or losses you help them avoid. 


  • GUIDE POSITIONING: Position yourself as an empathetic and authoritative guide that helps them solve their problems. 


Empathetic Language Examples:

  • “We understand how it feels when…”
  • “No one deserves to experience…”


Authoritative Language Examples:

  • Customer Reviews! Reviews are a great way to demonstrate your authority. If you’ve helped solve problems for others, perhaps the same will be true for your new potential customer. 
  • Industry Experience, “City Circle City Web Design has built 200+ Websites…”
  • Education Experience, “As a Harvard Graduate, I’ve helped hundreds of business leaders…”


Your website should present your business as the guide that helps your customers or clients solve their problems. 


  • COMPANY DIVISIONS: You may sell multiple services or products and have multiple divisions. State those clearly with clickable links to sub-pages. 


  • KEYWORDS: Your web page should include keywords for your target audience. Does your business build websites for customers in a specific area? Be sure to include that! “Circle City Web Design Helps Indianapolis Businesses Build, Design, and Maintain Websites That Generate Leads and Revenue.” 


Key Words: Indianapolis, Web Design, Websites


  • A PLAN: At this point, your website visitor understands who you are and how you can solve their problems, but what do they do with that information? Show a three or four-step plan that provides your customers a path to buy your product with a direct call to action. 


“Ready to design a website that generates leads and produces revenue for your company? Design a website that works in three easy steps: 


  1. Request a free consultation
  2. Provide a scope of your business story & services
  3. Receive a no-obligation quote


Book a FREE Consultation Now: Click Here

  • A Lead Generator


Every website should give something of value away in exchange for email addresses.

Consider creating a PDF, a webinar, or a short five-minute video with a catchy title that offers them some wisdom in your area of expertise. 

  • Automated Emails 


After someone downloads or views your lead generator, a series of set emails should go out. These should include the following: 


  • A “Thank You” email and what they can expect next from your business
  • An “Overcome” email with the most significant objection people have to do business with you (i.e., “you’re too expensive” or “it won’t work for me because”)
  • A “Testimonial” email from someone who experienced success using your service or product.
  • A “Sales” email offering a limited-time bonus offer.


In summary, here are some questions to ask yourself as you review your website.

  • Do I clearly state my customer’s problem(s) and how my product or service offers them a solution?
  • Is the header on my website cluttered with text and images?
  • Do I clearly state the loss my customers avoid by purchasing my product or service?
  • Do I have empathetic language that connects with my customer?
  • Do I have customer reviews or testimonials demonstrating my authority?
  • Have I clearly stated my company’s different products, services, or divisions?
  • Do I have keywords on my web page that my potential customers or clients will search for in Google on my website?
  • Do I have a clearly stated 3-4 step plan that my customers can take to do business with me?
  • Do I have a lead generator offering valuable information in exchange for an email address?
  • When someone downloads my lead generator, do I have automated emails set up through my website or customer relationship management system?


At Circle City Web Design, we build websites that stand out from the competition and connect customers with stories to give companies the freedom to focus on running their businesses. If you’re ready to build or redesign your website,  book a FREE Consultation Now: Click Here

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