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Our WordPress websites are affordable, responsive, and fully customized to be a true reflection of your organization. WordPress websites are easy to use, fast, secure, responsive, and built to last. 

WordPress is an open-source CMS (Content Management System) that has taken the world by storm – over 40% of all websites in the world are powered by WordPress.  Most web designers, web developers, and users praise WordPress for its ease-of-use, hence why it’s become so popular, and its growth just keeps on accelerating.   Just to give you an idea,  WordPress’ market share has increased over the past 5 years from 13.1% to 27.2%, this speaks volumes for how popular WordPress is becoming, and how much people love this platform!

Wordpress website and digital design to take your business to the next level.

WordPress Website Design that works for you - even when your business isn't open.

Your website can make (or break) your business.   A good website works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  A great website makes it easy for your customers to start the conversation – even when you’re enjoying some well-deserved down-time.  Thoughtful websites share your story and give potential customers confidence in your services.

Indianapolis digital design experts

Ask Yourself:

Would it save you time if clients could share information via a form on your website?  Are their questions that you answer over and over that could be published to your website for clients to read?  What if clients could download forms to fill out prior to appointments – no more mailing them in advance.

Do you want them to know that you are the most experienced option in town?  That you ship from coast to coast.  That you’ve worked with other clients just like them.  Do you have certifications or endorsements that are important.

Industrial, Clean, Artsy, Feminine, Corporate, Rustic…  the options are endless.  If you don’t have a logo and brand guide going through the process of developing those assets can bring you a lot of clarity.  If you already have a logo and brand guide, those important assets will help guide your websites appearance so that your are instantly recognizable online and in the community.

You probably know who your ideal customer is – but have you thought about what they are seeking when they visit your website?  How can you solve their problem?  Is their information that you can share on your website that will help them, build trust and give them a reason to return?

Our Great WordPress Websites Have...

Thoughtful Design

Beautiful images, appealing colors, and a layout that connects with your audience.

Easy Editing

It's easy for you or our team to update the content on your site, no coding skills required.

Responsive Layout

Your website will look great on a variety of devices, laptops, tablets, phones and more.

SEO Basics

We'll include the basic features needed for effective search engine optimization.

Good Load Speed

We'll make sure your site loads fast, so you're not losing impatient visitors to your faster competitors.

Easy Navigation

Sometimes straightforward, simple & uncomplicated is best. We build sites that help your visitors find what they want.


Our sites our build to grow with your business. It's easy to add pages and information as you grow.


We use best practices thoughout to keep your website and your information safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been creating a WordPress Websites a long time, and are used to the questions. Here are some of the most common WordPress website questions we encounter.

We build WordPress websites because we feel it’s the best platform for most small- to medium-sized businesses.


  •  43% of the web uses WordPress - this means there are a lot of people who know WordPress and can help.
  • It is continually being updated and supported, so you are less likely to end up with outdated technology.
  • There are many plug-ins already built to extend functionality - this saves us time and you money because we don't have to reinvent the wheel.
  • We recommend sticking to main stream technologies - this will keep you from getting 'stuck' in a design partnership you are unhappy with because the code/technology that they used is relatively rare/obscure and not supported by many people.

We don't use other platforms because we know WordPress inside and out, the dashboard is relatively easy for our clients to learn, it's widely supported, and it offers a ton of flexibility both short and long-term.

We use a rapid project development model.  This means we try to have only one project per developer in primary development.  This allows us to give your project the focus and attention we've found is necessary for success.   A typical 7-page brochure  WordPress website can typically be completed in 4 weeks; larger and/or more complicated sites may take longer.  That said, our ability to stay on schedule will depend on you giving us everything we need to complete the project, providing feedback in a timely manner, and attending meetings/calls when necessary. 

The initial cost for a new website varies quite a bit depending on your needs.  It's a little like building a house.  How many square feet do you need?  What kind of flooring?    We'll ask a lot of questions during your free consultation so we can get to know you and your business.  Typically our custom websites start at around $1000.   For clients needing a smaller website, we offer Easy Sites.  These are 3-page template-based websites built by our developers using all of the same high-quality tools that we use on larger custom websites.

  1.  During our initial consultation we will gather as much information as we can about your business and how we can best help you.
  2. After we talk, we'll provide a no-obligation proposal.  If you are happy with what we propose, you just need to sign the contract and pay your deposit to get started.
  3. After you sign your contract we'll send a list of items that we will need.  Depending on your project this may include, images, text for the website, your logo, registrar information, prices, product descriptions and any other information that we need to complete your website.
  4. During the development phase we build out your website, using all of the information that you provided to get as close as we can your vision.   When the website draft is ready we will share or link or meet with you to look over the website, share ideas and talk about any changes you'd like to see.   After this initial meeting we'll make the changes that you wanted...  lather, rinse, repeat until you are happy with your website.
  5. When you are happy with your website, we'll publish your website (g0-live), test it in production, create a google analytics accounts, configure ExactMetrics for reporting and set up Yoast to get your website off to the best start possible.

We will build your website using best practices so that Google will be able to index your website and understand who you are and what your business does.  

We will also add title tags, meta descriptions, and headings visible to Google. If you are interested in more in-depth SEO once your site is built, you can hire us for a monthly SEO retainer so that your website gets maximum exposure on Google.

Our web design services require you to provide the content for all the pages that we create for you. We do offer copywriting services for an additional fee that you can use to create your content.  Our copywriters work closely with our designers and SEO experts to ensure that your content matches the look and feel of your website and is designed to attract traffic and convert customers.

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